Real Estate Agent Intro

Real Estate Agent Intro

Becoming a Real Estate Agent

When you are considering becoming a real estate agent there are many things to take into consideration.  Are you a patient person?  Can you multi-task?  Are you responsible and detail oriented?  Can you put up with people who will use, abuse and discard you like an M&M they dropped on the floor?  If you answer NO to any of these and so many more similar questions…..Real Estate may not be for you.

I became a Realtor over 10 years ago.  Since then I have learned that just like in every day life….you can learn a new lesson every single day.  Whether it be about Real Estate Laws, contracts, procedures, commissions, agents actions or negotiating there are things you learn throughout your career.  My first year in real estate was the best grossing year I had until this past year.  The market was hot and I was fresh and ready to hit the pavement.  It was great!

Then the following year, the market took a huge fall and I found myself figuring out what I wanted to do next.  Luckily, I have a background in a few different things so I participated in real estate part time and went back to a regular job.  I basically made sure I did a few rentals during the year to pay for my dues, supra and MLS access.  I learned and learned that it is not a steady income until you truly “build a business’.

After a few years passed I decided to return to more and more transactions until I was ready to ‘get back into business’.  This was a time of short sales and foreclosures.  Not after the banks figured out how to do them.  When we ALL had to figure out how to do them and they took forever!  Some could not even get close to the closing table.  It was chaotic and no one had answers because the recovery had not begun and Realtors were still trying to make a living doing what they were licensed to do.  Sell houses!

In short, the Real Estate industry is an ever changing career and if you don’t have the nest egg to start and the commitment to stick it out you could be out of business before the first year is over.  It isn’t as easy as folks try to look at it.  An agent shows a house…then gets a check for $20,000.  But more on that next time….


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